About Ferris Wheel Junkies

Eric Hochstadt is an expert storyteller, crafting songs which are musically unique enough to stand out from the crowd and yet thematically relatable enough to feel familiar. Having trained classically in both piano and voice from a young age, Eric eventually branched out into contemporary songwriting, taking on guitar as his instrument of choice. While earning a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Miami, he was fortunate to study and perform a variety of styles, including jazz, electronic, R&B, and rock and roll, among others.

It was at the University of Miami that Eric assembled a group of musicians known as the Ferris Wheel Junkies, a moniker he still uses in reference to his solo works. Drawing on his many influences and past collaborators, he is determined not to be bound by any specific genre or musical style, opting instead to let the music go where it wants. The result, while sometimes unpredictable, is always worth the journey.

Eric currently lives and plays in Orlando, Florida.